Rugged Tag Corporation is an environmentally responsible designer and manufacturer of Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. Our founder is the original patent-holder for flexible circuitry, and has helped shape the RFID and NFC tag industry. Today, we are the leading manufacturer of tags for the largest transportation company in North America. Our NFC tags have been designed for a variety of industries including retail, automotive, military, medical, petroleum, aerospace and others. This year alone, Rugged Tag Corporation will produce over 100 million tags and ship them worldwide. Most recently, we have perfected our processes in creating wearable NFC tags, a major breakthrough for applications in the medical and transportation industries. 

Industry Experience and Expertise:

Rugged Tag has been in business manufacturing RFID and NFC tags for years now. Over this period, we have seen Near-Field-Communication grow from an emerging technology, to a widespread one with seemingly infinite applications. Experiencing this industry shift first-hand has helped Rugged Tag evolve our business, as well as be prepared for the inevitable changes of the future. Rugged Tag’s refined, patented processes allow us to create high quality tags while doing so ultra-efficiently.