Apple has increased the support for Core NFC in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Now, Rugged Tag can be used seamlessly across iOS and Android devices to access local information securely and effortlessly.

Before, the NFC chips within iPhones only worked with Apple’s in-house payment system. With the new framework, iPhones will be able to read any tags, not just Apple Pay tags, and take action based on the phone’s location. Using Core NFC, you can read NFC tags connected to any application.

This opens up countless uses for consumers and businesses. NFC devices can now be paired in more ways for iOS apps to communicate with connected devices. iPhones could replace identification cards at a conference or in the workplace, for example.


NFC tags can also be used to share more information about a physical location or real-world object by simply scanning the tag. For example, users would be able to easily find information about products in a store or exhibits in a museum by simply using their phone to scan a NFC Rugged Tag.

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